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Where to find all the Bounty Board locations in Fortnite

bounty boards fortnite
(Image credit: Epic Games)
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(Image credit: Epic Games)

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Bounty Boards in Fortnite are a convenient way to accept new quests and earn gold bars for your next battle royale match. Occasionally you'll need to visit a bounty board to complete a specific quest. Below, we've got a guide for every bounty board location in Fortnite season 8.

Bounty boards look like moderately large wooden, you know, boards, with several bounty listings tacked onto them. Imagine a wild west bounty board with pictures of wanted criminals like Snake Eyes Pete or Two-Timin' Charlie. All you have to do in Fortnite to interact with a bounty board is walk right up to one and press your interact button.

Here's where you can find every bounty board location in Fortnite:

  • Boney Burbs
  • Bus Stop in Lazy Lake's northeast side
  • Camp Cod (south of Catty Corner)
  • Believer Beach
  • Boat Dock by Lockie’s Lighthouse
  • Catty Corner
  • Sludgy Swamp
  • Stealthy Stronghold
  • The Orchard
  • Weeping Woods
  • Hydro 16
  • Dirty Docks
  • Dusted Depot (east of the map's center)
  • Fancy View (west of Believer Beach)
  • FN Radio (easy of Craggy Cliffs
  • Misty Meadows
  • The Pylon south of Steamy Stacks
  • Risky Reels

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Keep in mind that the war effort boards look different than the bounty boards. War effort boards tend to have a little roof and a dropbox next to them, because you're meant to donate gold bars there. Bounty boards tend to be hidden away a little bit, but if you're within a dozen yards or so of one, a little white circle UI icon will appear indicating its position.

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