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Dragon Quest Builders 2 has a 'jumbo demo' available right now

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(Image credit: Square Enix)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases next week, on December 10 to be specific, and in the lead up you'll be able to sample its wares thanks to a new 'Jumbo Demo'. It's called that because it's actually quite large: you'll get to create your character, play through the (rather long) introductory sequence, and then visit the first biome to help rebuild a town there.

I've played both Dragon Quest Builders 2 and its predecessor on Switch, and I can confirm these games are very charming, very relaxing, and almost worryingly addictive. If you do play the demo, your progress will carry over to the main game if you choose to buy it. And that's good: if you take your time, the demo might well take you about five hours to complete.

The demo is available from now until December 2029, so you better get a move on. Our friends at Gamesradar were very impressed by the game, rewarding it a five star rating, and writing that it has "all the joy and satisfaction of the original, now with upgraded toys, a bigger world and a dog you can pet."

Shaun Prescott
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