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Fortnite map guide: Where to drop, new locations, and tips

fortnite season 2 map guide tips
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The current Fortnite season 3 map features a ton of exciting locations to explore, but some spots are better to drop into than others. It's a huge map, and though it doesn't feature as many different biomes as those from seasons past, it's got a ton of variety. That makes the issue of where to drop all the more challenging.

So what are the best Fortnite map locations to land if you want the best chance at winning? I've scoured the whole map for the best landing spots, plus some general tips for surviving every stage of the match, so you can get straight to securing more victory royales for yourself and your team.

Fortnite map tips and tricks

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Prioritize locations with many loot chests:  Sure, you'll probably be competing for resources with other players hitting up a popular spot, but that's better than getting barely anything at a quieter location, hoofing it a mile to the next, and getting killed the moment you fight a more well-equipped enemy player.

Get mythic weapons in your crosshairs: If you're feeling brave, you can try to acquire the mythic-level weapon from one of the five boss characters at their respective bases. Then use their keycard to get into their vault, which should kit you out quite nicely.

Transform into a bodyguard: If you visit one of the agent bases, make sure to find one of the red phone booths around the area so you can transform into a bodyguard. This allows you to walk around freely, at least until you start shooting.

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Keep respawn vans in mind: If you're playing with friends, odds are that one of you might bite the dust by the time you make it out of popular hotspots. Remember where respawn vans (or "Reboot Vans" as they're actually named) are located in each major area. Once used, you'll have to wait another 120 seconds for it to become operational again. Every named POI will have one respawn van to use, so try to avoid other areas if you're prone to getting whacked.

Fall faster: If you're wondering why some players seem to have opened their chutes already and are beating you in the race to land, pay attention to the elevation of whatever you're flying over. The higher that building, hill, or mountain, the earlier you'll be forced to pull your chute, dramatically extending your floatin' time while enemy players collect their weapons. To avoid this, pay attention to the line to the left of your minimap as you're falling out of the bus. You'll see a character icon falling, and that first line is where your chute will open up. Notice it moves lower when you're over a lower point in the map.

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Get the high ground: If you see skilled Fortnite players building complicated structures while pulling off headshots and know that's not your thing, you should still try to prioritize getting a height advantage on your opponents. Fortnite's many mountains and hills are your best friends. You'll be able to scope out enemies at a farther range, and be able to pressure them from on high. Just don't fall yourself. This will obviously make late-stage combat easier as well, as the ring begins to tighten up.

In every stage, sound is your friend: Battle royale games have a knack for strong audio design, with rifle shots cracking in the distance and footsteps stomping just above your head upstairs. At all times, you should be aware of where sounds are coming from. In the early stages of a match, this will help you avoid rough firefights, or close in on a hapless player who barely scraped by their first exchange. In later stages, it certainly plays less of a role since you will likely see your opponent (or maybe they see you first), but if you're trying to stealth your way to victory, listening for nearby footsteps can mean the difference between getting the drop on an enemy and dropping dead yourself.

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Helicopters are cheap, but incredibly useful: Look, I'm not here to judge anyone for snagging a helicopter in solo mode and flying it around the map until the final few circles. I've done it. Just don't be an idiot like me and forget that enemy players can fly up the smokestack at Steamy Stacks, hijack a seat, and shoot you in the face. A more normal person will also use helicopters to quickly zip around to locations that might still contain loot, but probably haven't been picked over by other players yet.

The best Fortnite map landing spots

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Slurpy Swamp

Slurpy Swamp is easily one of the best locations to drop in Fortnite, not just for the solid loot chest count, but also for those rivers of healing Slurp Juice. That means if you take a bit of damage here, you don't have to worry about healing before heading to the next circle: Just heal by walking through the bright blue sludge.

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Fort Crumpet

While folks often go for Sweaty Sands, since it's a named POI, Fort Crumpet is just there for the taking. It's relatively isolated, and it's dense and small enough that you won't have to spend ten entire minutes picking it apart.

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Weeping Woods' western cabin

Don't get me wrong, Weeping Woods is a perfectly OK spot to land for most players, but it's the unmarked cabin on the west/northwest side of the river running through the area that really takes the loot-filled cake.

Land on the chimney to grab that first loot chest, grab the next on the bed inside the cabin, and then head over to the bookshelf by the fireplace/hidden doorway to the underground bunker beneath the building. In there, you'll find one more chest.

Head out the back entrance of the cabin to find one more chest. This area can have up to two other chests, one by the tomato and burger head statues, which you should absolutely harvest to get a ton of metal. If you haven't got any shield potions, just eat a few mushrooms in the forest.

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Frenzy Farm gas station

You might be wondering: Why this seemingly unimportant location? First things first, you'll notice two or three guard NPCs walking around this gas station. Land on the roof, grab a gun, and do your best to knock out all the immediate guards. They'll drop items and fairly decent weapons.

Now that you're moderately kitted up, head to the small building in the back and use the port-a-potty inside, which will teleport you through one of the various Fortnite secret passages to a closed-off area with plenty of loot. Three or four more guards will be in this area, so be ready to fight as soon as you come up. Take them all out and leave one alive, pick him up, and use his face to unlock the large loot case in the back corner of the interior building.

If you've been harvesting materials a bit, there's also a crafting bench near the port-a-potty you came through, which should let you get a legendary or epic weapon. I've come out of this place with an epic assault rifle, an epic heavy sniper rifle, some shield potions, and a rapid-fire SMG before. You might take a beating getting it all, but the risk/reward is favourable. There's also currently a Fortnite helicopter spawn chance behind the gas station, handy for a quick getaway.

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The Agency

The Agency is one of the most popular locations to drop, and for good reason. Home to Midas, and more importantly his mythic drum gun, the Agency offers loot chests galore, Midas' vault in the basement, two boats and a helicopter for quick getaways, and a respawn van in the back.