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Full New World servers will no longer allow character creation

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As MMO players flock to Amazon Game Studios' New World player numbers blow up, Amazon has taken the measure of stopping new character creation on full servers. They've also launched a Server Status page for New World, which will tell you if it's full, up, down, or undergoing maintenance. Amazon Game Studios announced the change via Twitter.

Characters already created on a full server can still queue to log in and play. AGS has been clear that a character transfer feature is coming to New World sooner rather than later, so is encouraging players to make characters on a low population server and get playing now rather than wait in queues to play.

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At the same time AGS has launched a server status page on the New World website.

New World has been successful beyond anyone's expectations for the MMO, as buzz grew to a fever pitch in the last few weeks. The megacorporation's games division has even won praise from executive chairman Jeff Bezos' Twitter account, finally producing a success after several years of nothing. The studio itself admits that the runaway success was a huge surprise, and numbers grew very quickly very close to launch.

For more, we've been keeping track of what's up with New World's servers on a dedicated page.


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