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Hunt: Showdown now has dual wielding and a single player mode

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Hunt: Showdown just got a major update in the form of 1.4.1, which adds handgun dual wielding and a single player Trials mode. Free from the danger of other players, you can now traipse around both maps completing challenges and, if you like, just taking in the serenity. 

There are 15 trials and they come in three varieties: parkour trials test your ability to move fluidly, sniper trials involving shooting targets from vast distances, and wave trials are basically a horde mode. It's good news for newcomers hoping to learn the game without the constant threat of being killed, but there are rewards and unlockables for veterans to aim for. Crytek writes that more Trials will roll out in coming updates.

As for dual wielding, 13 handgun models are supported, and you can mix up normal and Legendaries, though models must always be the same. The ability isn't confined to rank and is not an unlockable trait, so anyone can jump in and hold two guns at once.

The full update notes are here, and also include a long list of bug fixes and tweaks. An example of the latter: ammo capacity has been buffed for 12 weapons, and there are new Legendary weapons available in the store.

Shaun Prescott
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