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Resident Evil 4 VR releases on Oculus Quest 2 next month

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Resident Evil 4 VR will release on Oculus Quest 2 next month.

The virtual reality port was announced at the Resident Evil Showcase back in April, giving the 2005 classic a fresh lick of first-person paint. A lot of the game's objects and menus have been re-worked to flow better with a VR setup. The classic pause screen is fully interactable, being able to grab weapons and items and rearrange them freely. Weapons are also grabbed from off-the-body rather than in a menu—guns can be retrieved from the waist, while healing objects are grabbed from the left shoulder and a knife from the chest.

It also looks like there are a few different options for movement. You can choose to play stood up or sat down and can move either with the analog stick or by teleporting Leon around. Turn snapping and quick turning options are also available, which are always handy.

According to a hands-on preview from IGN, certain transitions—like jumping from Leon's first-person view to watching him climb a ladder in third-person—can be clunky, and getting used to where items are on your body can take some time. But overall it seems like a good time, and a neat way to refresh a 16-year-old game. It's also the first Resident Evil VR experience to hit PC—while Resident Evil 7 was graced with virtual reality, it was sadly kept exclusive to PlayStation VR users.

Resident Evil 4 VR will release on October 21 and is exclusive to Oculus Quest 2.

Mollie Taylor

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