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Sega is promising lots of Sonic the Hedgehog news in 2020

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(Image credit: Sega)

While not as unanimously adored as Mario, people still have a lot of time for ye olde Sonic the Hedgehog. New games release frequently, and while the forthcoming live action film has proved... divisive, it demonstrates that Sega is still dedicated to the old blue thing. Today comes more proof of that, with Sega announcing its Sonic 2020 initiative.

Basically, the company has promised (via a press release posted on this Japanese site) that new Sonic news will issue on the 20th day of every month in 2020. There's also a portal site, though that's also in Japanese. There's every possibility that some of the forthcoming news will be specific to Japan, but if there are any game announcements among them, they'll likely come west, too.

If you do click through to that portal site, you'll get access to wallpapers and fancy Sonic Twitter icons, the latter handy if you want to show more credibility in the heat of a Twitter debate. There's also key art for the initiative, which you can see below.

(Image credit: Sega)

That Sonic the Hedgehog movie hits cinemas in February, for your information.

Shaun Prescott
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