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This HP gaming PC with an AMD RX 5500 and 6-core CPU just got even cheaper

HP Pavilion Gaming PC
(Image credit: HP)

I know we go on and on about building your own PC but sometimes that's just not possible. For one, handing someone a pile of parts on Christmas day might not always go down as well as it should (and it should, because building a PC is fantast—and there I go again). My point is: Sometimes you just want the simple life and a pre-built PC, and this HP Pavilion gaming desktop is a superb deal on just that.

Black Friday deals

Black Friday deals

Black Friday 2020 deals: the place to go for the all the best Black Friday bargains.

For just $602.99, you can have a gaming PC with 1080p in its sights. It comes with an Intel Core i5 10400 CPU, as standard. That's a six-core chip that makes Core i7s from years gone break into tears, and that's paired with a modest 8GB of DDR4 2,666MHz RAM and a 256GB SSD.

Now here's the smart bit. There's a convenient coupon code live over at the HP Store right now that will net you a further 10% off the sale price of any consumer PC if you spend over $599. Now this PC is originally $799.99, down to $599.99 in the sale (and the coupon still applies), but if you actually upgrade it from the original GTX 1650 graphics card to the generous RX 5500 (with 4GB GDDR6) and bump up the PSU capacity to the required 400W unit, you'll hit a new price of $669.99.

Now apply the coupon code: SMBHOL10. Voila! You're back down to $602.99, only a couple of bucks more expensive than the original price, but now with a better PSU and graphics card in hand.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop | RX 5500 | Core i5 10400 | $869.99
Coupon champ

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop | RX 5500 | Core i5 10400 | $869.99 $602.99 at HP (save $267 with coupon code)
With an AMD RX 5500 and Intel Core i5 10400 combo inside, this PC is built with some of the latest PC gaming tech around. It's no slouch either, and there's plenty of room to upgrade down the line. A great starting point for any PC gamer, make sure to use coupon code SMBHOL10 to maximise the discount.

Or you could just use the coupon code on the cheaper $599.99 system to take it down to a superb $539.99. Whichever makes you happy.

There's only one drawback, and that's that this gaming PC currently has an estimated ship date of Christmas Eve, December 24, 2020. Cutting it a little fine there.

If you want something a little beefier, perhaps with ray tracing acceleration or a brand new RTX 30-series graphics card, or more timely for the holidays, check out our Black Friday gaming PC deals hub. It's filled to the brim with genuinely decent deals, where you get a whole lotta silicon for your money. It's also the only real way to net an RTX 30-series GPU this side of the Holidays, it seems. When needs must.

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